Who Was Graham Devoe Williford

Former curator of The Dallas Museum of Art, Dr. William Rudolph, describes The Williford Collection as one of the most distinctive private collections of its kind.

World-renowned art collector, Graham Devoe Williford, was born and raised in Fairfield, Texas.  After graduating FHS in 1943, he continued his education at Columbia University in New York City, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History.

Although he made his home in the Big Apple, he also spent several years in Paris, practicing to become a concert pianist.

It was here that Graham became interested in American Art.

At a time when museums and galleries only concentrated on nationalistic subject matters, Graham Williford daringly explored the international exchange between America and Europe. 

The Williford Collection includes rare and little-known examples of early 19th-century American painting and decorative art, with major silver pieces by Tiffany and Gorham, with a substantial range of rare flatware and pieces previously owned by William Vanderbilt.

Graham was best known for his dog, his hats and his Texas British accent but he always had a joke and a smile. 

He loved Fairfield and he always believed in supporting this community. 

Graham donated many fine pieces of furniture and art to the Moody Bradley House in Fairfield, Texas and the foundation continues to support the Trinity Star Arts Council in Fairfield, Texas.

The Williford Foundation
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