TSAC Board

trinity star arts council

Directors of the Trinity Star Arts includes:  Beverly Awalt, George Boyd, Dianne Murden, Jane Phillips, Kimberly Ratcliff, Janie Richards, and David Timmerman.

Advisory Board includes: Landis Bayless, Rachel Bossier, Cheryl Cockerell, Ashlee Daniel, Frank Dent, Loften Boyd, Amy Evans, Bob Gage, Carrie Herrin, David James, Carol Moller, jane Morrison, Brenda Pate, Laqueta Posey, Courtney Varner, Claudette White, and Kendra Young. 

The mission of TSAC is to present performing, literary and visual arts in Freestone County through education and participation.

The generosity of TSAC patrons, partners and sponsors make these programs possible.

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