Painted Piano Walk

A community art project, directed by Fairfield Chamber of Commerce, the first Painted Pianos were unveiled the TSAC Art Walk event on October 14, 2014.

Take your picture taken with some local art. You can even tickle the ivories, as a few of them still play.


Artists – Second Grade AIMS Students and teacher, Rachel Bossier
Donated by
Location – Fairfield Tourist Center and Chamber of Commerce Building, 900 W. Commerce Street (Hwy 27)

Making their mark, Fairfield Second Grade AIMS students add colorful handprints to this painted piano.

Their teacher, Rachel Bossier, began the project with a brick background to give it some pop.

Once all the students have added their touch, text will be added above and below the keyboards.  

Children in the community are invited to stop by the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce office and add their handprints to the project.

Artist – Andy Don Emmons, Jr.
Donated by – Julie Ann Medford
Location – This piano no longer exists, as it was demolished in a vehicle crash on June 29, 2018.  Thankfully, no serious injuries.

This colorful, geometric painted piano was painted by local artists and co-owner of Armadillo Emporium, Andy Don Emmons, Jr.

Inspired by the tall tales of his family, friends and foes he began drawing, sculpting and painting the skewed world around him. He left Fairfield to obtain a B.F.A. from Sam Houston University, lived in Dallas & Waxahachie before returning to his ranching roots in Fairfield a few years ago.

Andy is well known for his art cars, including the famous rhinestone encrusted Cadillac (featured twice at the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum in Austin).  His 1994 Woodpecker sculpture (created with bone, tar, wood, and paint) recently become part of the Permanent Collection of the Art Museum of Southeast Texas in Beaumont.

Artist – Karen Leidy
Donated by – Donna Smith Senter
Location – West side of the Courthouse Square

This painted piano includes images that may be found in abundance in Freestone County:  an egret, a catfish and lots of sunshine.

Editor of the Freestone County Times newspaper, Karen got involved with the project when she took painting classes at the Armadillo Emporium.

She used homemade stencils and some of her favorite colors to complete the piece.

Artists – Gail Farish and Janis Glass
Donated by – Claudette Hicks
Location – West side of the Courthouse Square

Draped with sunflowers on a black canvas, this beautiful painted piano draws its inspiration from flowers, of course.

Owner of Creations Flowers & Gifts, Gail normally “paints” in bouquets and corsages.

She and Janis both have an eye for beauty.

Artist – Janie Haydon
Donated by
Location – West Side of the Courthouse Square

Decked out with the Fairfield trademark, this piano includes a painted eagle, Cooper Farm peaches, and the Val Verde cannon, along with bright Blue Bonnets.

“We chose a simple country theme, so our ideas came from the community around us” Haydon said. “We just wanted to show off who we really are.”

Janie, an art teacher with Fairfield ISD, was assisted by her children:  Josey, Wyatt, and Sadie Haydon.

Artist – Haydon Ward
Donated by – Gina, Rachel and Richard Theisen
Location – East side of the Courthouse Square

Young artist, Haydon Ward, uses basic white as the backdrop for his outdoor scene, complete with a volcano.
Definitely, a fun piece.