Frequently Asked Questions - Car Accidents

--How do I get a copy of a police accident/incident report?
Reports can be purchased for $6. You may come to the Police Department at any time, or request one by mail and enclose a check or money order made to the Fairfield Police Department.
To receive a copy of a report you must know the following:

--Was it an incident or accident?

--Where the incident/accident occurred?

--Who was involved in the incident/accident?

--When the incident/accident occurred?

Please allow at least 5 business days after an incident/accident occurs before attempting to obtain a copy of the report. Feel free to call and verify that the report exists and is ready for duplication before coming to the office.

NOTE: Some reports may not be released under certain circumstances where an ongoing investigation is continuing. This can be verified with a phone call.

--How do I file a minor accident report?
You can pick up a Driver Crash Report (CRB-2) at any Police Department and follow the directions on the back. This is sometimes known as a self-reporting form.