Fairfield Lake State Park


Because of Fairfield Lake’s warm water, people come from all over Texas to enjoy fantastic winter fishing opportunities. From November through February, tournaments are held every weekend. Fishing clubs from the Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Waco, Austin and Tyler areas host tournaments here.

Popular catches include:




--freshwater redfish, and

--tilapia (for bow fishing).

Did you know?  The state record holder for inland red drum was taken here at Fairfield Lake (44 inches, 36.83 lbs).

Lake Characteristics

Location: 5 miles northeast of Fairfield off FM 488

--Surface area: 2,159 acres

--Maximum depth: 49 feet

--Impounded: 1969

Water Conditions

--Conservation Pool Elevation: 310 ft. msl

--Fluctuation: 4 feet

--Normal Clarity: Moderately clear

Aquatic Vegetation

Hydrilla light along shoreline; with American lotus, common cattail, common reed and marine naiad moderate to heavy in shallow areas

Fishing Cover/Structure

Inundated timber is abundant in the upper end of the lake and in both coves on the east side. Hydrilla forms a fringe around the reservoir out to approximately 5 feet. Pockets of native pondweed provide openings in the hydrilla and make good ambush points. The heated cove in this power plant cooling lake provides warm water even in the winter. Emergent cattails and cutgrass grow in shallow water on the shoreward side of the hydrilla.

Tips & Tactics

Largemouth bass angling starts December-February, earlier in the year than most lakes due to the heated water. Many anglers report success using jigs and pigs or lizards pitched into the openings behind cattails and cutgrass. Fishing for catfish can be productive by drifting live bait across the points along the area opposite of the TXU picnic area. Trolling along the west shoreline and along the dam can be productive for red drum.