Eagle Scavenger Hunt

Fairfield Chamber of Commerce
Friday, May 8, 2020 - 9:00am to Friday, June 5, 2020 - 5:00pm
Fairfield, Texas

Here's how to play: Find all 12 Lady Eagles at different

stores/businesses around town using our clues, take pics of Eagles,

report back to Chamber office, and the first 5 to find all the Eagles

WIN a prize!

1. It's no punishment when you're here, no time outs, have no fear

2. Showers of flowers and gifts galore find this shop across from the postal store

3.Accessorize your home with decor, the moment you walk across the floor

4. The world's famous homemade BBQ and pie is the reason people don't pass this by!

5. Armoire is another name, of this place's claim to fame

6. Smiley faces, burgers, slushes and more....this is one happy store!

7. Parts, tools, and accessories all in one store, what more could a guy ask for?

8. Typically armadillos are rather small, but this place has one as big as a wall.

9. Sand, Shakes, and delivery on skates

10.Quality neighbors wash, starch, tags, and maroon bags

11. (Reverse letters) SENK ot teg ni enut htiw cisum


12. Aide the body heal the soul.

2020 State Champions

We are so proud of our Lady Eagles!


Jada Clark     Jarahle Daniels     Kayelee Adams

Breyunna Dowell     Anayiah Larkin     Essence Watkins

Shadasia Brackens     McKinna Brackens     Belle Johnson

Emori Davis     Te'Yalla Simpson     Braden Bossier

Coaches: Sally Whitaker, Randy Barger, Tarsha Graves, Jermaca Brown

Contact the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce if you have any questions!