Everyone Need to Eat

 Everyone needs to eat.  We all know this, but the panic buying has made it far more difficult to purchase certain foods everywhere, even here in Freestone County.

Grocery Stores

  Family Dollar in Teague will open at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday for the elderly only.  They will open at 9:00 a.m. for all others.

  Dollar General’s everywhere are reserving their first hour open to allow the elderly to shop.

  Brookshire Brothers in Fairfield and Teague are currently still open and are doing their absolute best to try and keep their shelves stocked. 

  HEB in both Mexia and Corsicana require you to wait in a line outside as they are limiting people inside the store. 

  You may also sign up for curbside delivery at the Corsicana HEB but be aware that you need to plan this to be days in advance and not all items are guaranteed during this time.

  The Walmarts in Corsicana and Mexia are also both still open, but that does not mean they have a full stock of the most sought-after items.

  J&S Meat Processing will be offering pork and beef to the public as long as they are able to provide, they have packages available. 


  As restaurants and bars have had to close their doors to the public, restaurants have adapted to still provide food to their community.

  Some have added delivery or extended their delivery circumference, while many are doing curbside delivery. 

Delivery Help

  A few people are beginning to work towards helping people have the items they need.

-- Alanna and John Lafon are offering a grocery delivery service for the elderly.  Call their number 360-520-2674.  They will gladly pick up medication or groceries with reimbursement for the items purchased.

--Aaron Neptune is doing personal shopping in the Fairfield, Texas area, you may reach him by calling 903-644-0926.  All he is ask for you to pay for your own supplies and to tip what you feel is fair.